Thanks to all of our 2019 FReX participants! Registration for our 2020 FReX will be available mid-fall. To learn about other visitation options, including NeumontX, please click here. We look forward to seeing you on campus!


FREX 2019

Freshman Experience is an excellent opportunity for accepted students to learn all about the Neumont approach. Accepted students spend the weekend getting to know each other, current students, staff, and faculty while participating in activities designed to familiarize them with Neumont's campus, culture, and city. Accepted students can register for FReX by logging into the accepted student portal and clicking on "Visit Neumont". 

FReX 2017

what happens at FReX?

You and your parent(s)/guardian(s) will:

  • meet other accepted students;
  • get to know Neumont students and faculty;
  • engage in project-based learning;
  • tour the Neumont campus;
  • and, see student housing and Salt Lake City.


All students accepted to Neumont for the fall of 2019 and their parents, guardians, or spouse are eligible to attend FReX. If you have any questions about eligibility, contact the Office of Admissions.

Want to get on the invite list? Submit your Application for Admission for an acceptance decision.


Friday-Saturday, March 8-9, 2019
Friday-Saturday, April 19-20, 2019

Already accepted? Register for FReX on the Accepted Student Portal 


Neumont provides one room for up to two nights for accepted students and their parent(s), guardians, or spouse who are traveling more than 50 miles to attend FReX. Any additional guests, as well as amenities or additional charges, will be at the expense of the visiting family. 

Hotel rooms are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly encourage visiting families to make travel plans and book their hotel early. Booking information will be available at the time of registration.

At Neumont's Accepted Student Weekend, students experience what it's like to be a freshman.


Below are brief instructions for getting to Neumont's campus in downtown Salt Lake City.

  • Neumont College of Computer Science is located at 143 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.
  • From Salt Lake City International Airport: The Neumont campus is eight miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport. You can reach to downtown Salt Lake City via public transit. More information on airlines serving the airport can be found on their website.
  • Via Car: Visitors who choose to drive to Neumont should plan to park at City Creek Center or at the Little America Hotel. Parking validation is available for visitors to the college. Neumont's campus is a short walk from City Creek Center and from Little America. 
  • Via Public Transit: The Utah Transit Authority TRAX light rail system connects the Salt Lake City International Airport to downtown Salt Lake City. Schedules and fare information for the Green Line/Route 704 are available on the UTA website. The Neumont campus is a short walk from the City Center (100 South Main Street) stop. 


While you're here, we encourage you to explore Salt Lake City and Utah on your own to see everything our location has to offer.

  • Things to do in Salt Lake City: Visit Salt Lake has a list of upcoming events and activities around the valley. 
  • Explore Utah: has a great guide for outdoor recreation and activities across the state. 
  • Visit National Parks: Visit Utah helps you plan a visit to any of Utah's five national parks. 
  • Transportation: Salt Lake City International Airport and Utah Transit Authority offer detailed information regarding flying, driving, and taking public transit throughout the state. 

The Fine Print

  • For many students, choosing a college is a family affair and includes the student’s parents or guardians. Accepted students are encouraged to attend FReX with their parents, guardians, or spouse. If the parent or guardian is unable to attend, contact the Office of Admissions.
  • Hotel policy states that anyone under age 21 wishing to take advantage of Neumont’s complimentary hotel offer must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Accepted students whose parent or guardian is unable to attend should contact the Office of Admissions.
  • Students under the age of 18 attending FReX without a parent or guardian must submit a Release of Liability a minimum of one week in advance of the event. 
  • All FReX attendees traveling 50 miles or more to campus are eligible for the complimentary hotel stay offer.
  • Persons wishing to rent a car will need to make independent arrangements and cover 100% of the cost.
  • Persons wishing to arrive early or extend their stay beyond two days (regardless of flight arrival and departure times) must cover 100% of these costs.

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