We have dedicated staff laser-focused on helping launch every graduate into an exciting career, in a field that interests them.

During their final three quarters, students work one-on-one with the Career Services staff to identify career opportunities, prepare for interviews, evaluate multiple job offers, and negotiate the best possible employment terms.

Focus on Professional Development

Why does Neumont place such a large focus on professional development? Because, it's those professional soft skills that set a Neumont graduate apart. Through our team-based projects students develop the critical communication skills and professionalism that can't be taught in a book, which means that from day one a Neumont graduate can move seamlessly from the server room to the board room and communicate with confidence and tact.


Professional Development Courses

Neumont offers professional development courses with a focus on conflict resolution, presentation skills, creating professional correspondence, and strengthening communication skills in a professional environment.

  • Freshman Orientation Week  — A combination of courses, seminars, and experiences which explore topics in all five of our programs and prepare you for success at Neumont.
  • Freshman Seminar — Develop and refine the necessary skills for academic and professional success including time management, research skills, ethics, professionalism, and integrity in the workplace.
  • Marketing Your Personal Brand — Study topics related to effective professional communication and negotiation including: emails, social media, résumés, cover and thank you letters, interviewing techniques, and salary negotiation.

Launch Your Career

We don’t see our role in student’s lives ending once we hand off their degree. Our Career Services staff help students get hired and, if we do say so ourselves, we’re pretty good at it.


  • Draft your long-term career goals
  • Develop a plan to meet those goals
  • Write an effective résumé and cover letter
  • Learn how to request letters of recommendation
  • Create a superior digital portfolio
  • Participate in Career Services interviews and presentations
  • Manage your career plan to achieve career success
  • Deliberate between different salaries and job offers

Career Week

Career Week is held each quarter, to give students and potential employers the opportunity to meet, ask questions, and evaluate the potential of a strong career fit. During Career Week students have an opportunity to:

  • Interview and network with hiring companies
  • Explore career opportunities and the benefits of different work environments
  • Attend résumé and interview skills workshops

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