Industry Partners are what we call companies that partner with Neumont for Enterprise Projects, present Tech Talks, interview, and hire our students and alumni, or otherwise join with us in preparing the innovators of tomorrow. Your company can become an Industry Partner by contacting our Office of Corporate Relations at employers@neumont.edu. Our staff will work with you to ensure that your partnership is the best fit for your company and Neumont.

Companies looking to hire young tech professionals find talented and driven employees at Neumont. Our students are educated on the latest technologies with a thorough understanding in theory and practice as they earn Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and related fields through a project-based curriculum.


Enterprise Projects are courses where students participate in a team project for an organization. The student team builds and tests solutions and products for Enterprise Project Partners. Students have participated in projects for companies like eBay, Overstock, and IBM.


Enterprise Project Partners are companies that closely supervise students during a 10-week quarter as the student team plans, builds, and tests solutions.


Enterprise Project Partners come from different industries with different projects. Neumont student teams have participated in projects for tech giants like IBM, sporting goods companies like Nike, and even food industry professionals like Rubio’s. Whatever your company's end-product is, if you have need of tech professionals, sponsoring an Enterprise Project (or three) might be a good fit for you. 

What other companies ARE Enterprise PARTNERS?

As of Spring 2017, Neumont has partnered with 112 different companies to complete 520 projects. Partners include IBM, Bosch, eBay, Nike, Overstock, CA Technologies, Oracle, Rubio's, Intermountain Healthcare, and more.


A Neumont instructor oversees the course and acts as a liaison between the company and the students. Within the project team, a student will act as the project manager. The partnering company will designate an internal employee to oversee the project and the student team’s progress. The students will need to bounce ideas off of and receive direction from a company assigned mentor. The student project manager is responsible for keeping the instructor and the company sponsor up to date with progress and schedules.

What are some of the challenges Enterprise Project Partners face?

Neumont students are prepared to participate and learn from the first day in an Enterprise Project course. The biggest challenge every quarter is keeping the students busy. Many companies, especially those new to the program, underestimate the students' abilities. They are not typical college students; they are proactive, curious, motivated, and efficient with exceptional technical proficiency.

Another challenge is ensuring that the company is ready to supervise a student team. Neumont staff will work closely with the organization prior to beginning a project to ensure that everything is ready for a team of intelligent, talented students.  

how often does Neumont Teach Enterprise Projects?

Neumont operates on a year-round quarterly-basis. This means Enterprise Projects last for 10 weeks, each quarter of the year, all year long. Quarters begin in October, January, April, and July of each year. Check out our Academic Calendar for exact dates. Proposals for projects should be submitted two months prior to the start of the quarter you wish your project to begin.


Most Enterprise Projects last multiple quarters. Ten weeks is a very short turnaround for an in-depth project. Projects can last anywhere from one to three or more quarters. Some students will continue to participate through three quarters while new students join the team every 10 weeks. 

Who Owns The Enterprise Project Product?

The student team will complete and present progress on their project every 10 weeks as part of their coursework. If a product is completed, Neumont conveys the intellectual property rights of any completed product to the Enterprise Partner. The college makes no representations about the product’s utility, suitability for consumer implementation, or effectiveness. All projects are backed by legal agreements outlining intellectual property rights including non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Companies use Enterprise Projects as an effective part of their recruiting strategy. 

Why ARE companies Enterprise Project Partners?

Partnering with Neumont for Enterprise Projects presents an opportunity for employers to see soon-to-be tech professionals learning. As employers closely supervise the project, they get a front-row seat to watch how students work in teams and will potentially fit into their company culture. That’s why we call it a 10-week interview.

How does my company become an enterprise project partner?

The first step is to submit a project proposal. Proposal should be submitted at least two months prior to the start of the project. Submit your proposal here.

If you would like to discuss an Enterprise Project Partnership between your company and Neumont, please contact the Office of Corporate Relations at employers@neumont.edu or call 801-302-2805.

Do All Students participate in Enterprise Projects?

Yes, Enterprise Projects are required coursework for all students in all bachelor's degree programs. Neumont's five bachelor degrees include computer science, information systems, software and game development, technology management, and web development. You can learn more about each of our degree programs here. Students are prepared to work on software development, information technology, and quality assurance projects.  

Are students paid for participating in Enterprise Projects?

No, students are enrolled in a course with faculty oversight for which they receive a grade and credit at the college.

ARE Enterprise Projects Internships?

No, Enterprise Projects are not internships. Neumont has carefully structured Enterprise Projects for the educational benefits to students and recruiting opportunities for employers. There is no employment relationship between the students and the Enterprise Partner. The collaboration agreement exists between the company and Neumont.

What agreement exists between the company and Neumont?

To participate in an Enterprise Project, corporate partners are asked to pay a small project fee. The cost is dependent on the number of students needed to complete the project each quarter.


In addition to Enterprise Projects Partnerships, Neumont offers events on-campus where employers are invited to attend, meet students, and participate in Neumont’s community. Specific events include:

Career Week: A quarterly week-long event where Industry Partners present Tech Talks, interview graduating students, and get to know current students. You can learn more about Career Week here, and register to participate in Career Week here.

Project Showcase: Students show-off the projects they have completed as teams and individuals. Industry Partners are always invited to attend and vote for their favorite projects. You can learn more about Project Showcase here.

Capstone Project Invitational: Students with the best Capstone Projects are invited to present their idea to the public. Capstone Projects are an individual project that proves students are ready to take on Enterprise Projects. You can learn more about CPI here

Partners may also host events on campus. If you have any other questions about Neumont or its students, please contact the Office of Corporate Relations at employers@neumont.edu or call 801-302-2805.

How do I post about a job at my company?

Contact Neumont’s Career Services Manager at employers@neumont.edu to have your job shared to our students and alumni. 

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