Kids Code Con Kicks Off Summer of Programming

Salt Lake City, June 10, 2016--Neumont University, a private institution granting bachelor’s degrees in computer science and related fields in only three years announces a series of partnerships to support the efforts of young coders across the country with a “Summer of Programming.” The kickoff event, Kids Code Convention 2016 begins Saturday, June 11, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is sponsored by Utah Geek Events. The event is free for youth ages five to 18 (and their parents).

Although Neumont University is not running the events, President Shaun McAlmont explained that it made sense to offer the university’s space as a public service.

“We’re an educational institution that prides itself on raising the next generation of the tech elite,” McAlmont said. “But a passion for coding shouldn’t start in college. Neumont is committed to supporting STEM education at every level. It’s why our students volunteered their time to help elementary students participate in the annual Hour of Code and why we offered our building and resources to help host these events. It’s a natural fit for Neumont, and it’s one more way we can contribute and be even more of a force for good in the community.”

McAlmont said the university saw great success with Neumont’s participation in the Hour of Code last December, and that Neumont is always looking for ways to partner and support initiatives to get more students coding at a younger age.

In addition to a second Kids Code Convention in August, Neumont University will also be the host site for Google DevFest Fam on September 10. The event was created to bring families together as they learn and share a love and passion for tech.

McAlmont says the university is also making plans to play an even bigger role in this year’s global Hour of Code, sponsored by The event is scheduled for Dec. 5 – 11 during Computer Science Education Week.

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