Neumont University Students Attend ng-conf

Salt Lake City, April 18, 2016--Neumont University is pleased to announce that three students enrolled in the web design and development bachelor’s degree program have been selected to attend the ng-conference this year.

The ng-conf is a conference all about AngularJS (an open-source web framework primarily maintained by Google). JavaScript developers will meet for three days at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Speakers at the conference will include Angular’s creator Misko Hevery as well as members of Google’s core Angular team.

Among the conference attendees will be Neumont University students, Cody Clawson, Kyle Kacprzynski, and Rachel Strasdin. The three were chosen to attend the conference given their academic excellence within the web development program.

The students are eager to meet several employers, learn more about Angular, and see how other developers use the framework.

Strasdin says, “It’s going to be cool to see the language in action along with different ways developers are using each version.”

Web Development Program Chair Tom Beatty says, “I hope they have a positive experience and learn more about Angular as well as the tech industry.”

Director of Academics Tim Clark says, “It [Angular] is widely used in the industry, so we’re sending our students to improve their skills.”

Get more details about the ng-conf here.

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