Neumont Reviews

To: Our Students, Alumni, Industry Partners, and Friends

From: President Edward H. Levine

Subject: Neumont University Review Sites

Your involvement, support, and enthusiasm for Neumont University have enabled us to build a distinctive, high-performance institution with graduates, and employers who validate our results daily. From 2009 through 2012, more than 95 percent of Neumont graduates obtain jobs in their field within six months of graduation, and earn an average starting salary in excess of $62,000.  You can read a wide variety of these Neumont success stories and Neumont news articles regarding our unique outcomes-oriented, professionally-focused computer science education online.

But, Neumont is not for everyone. Our programs are rigorous and some students find they are stressed and unable to complete the program. Occasionally, students, graduates, and those who’ve left the program, choose to share their perspective through online review forums. These sites help prospective students evaluate if a Neumont education is the right choice for them.

Many Neumont student review forums are open exchanges of opinions and provide valuable insight into the “student journey”. On impartial sites, you will find a diversity of opinions, positive, negative, and neutral. However, there is one site which intentionally and falsely portrays Neumont as an institution which provides a low-quality education. This site quickly deletes all positive Neumont reviews by students, staff, administration, and alumni, leaving ONLY negative comments on the site. Sites like this tend to operate on a business model of extorting Universities into paying to remove their name or stop deleting positive content.

We have chosen not to be a party to extortion. Neumont repeatedly attempted to amicably resolve the matter through direct communication, respectfully requesting that the site discontinue deleting positive posts so that users could see honest, authentic, student experiences, as one expects through a student review forum. They have not complied.  As our attempts at amicable resolution were ineffective, Neumont is now actively defending our legal rights through litigation. Neumont’s Executive Administration is adamant that we will not tolerate disparagement of the accomplishments of our graduates or faculty and have filed suit against the site and its owner in Federal court.

While we await resolution, we encourage prospective students and their families to gain a more balanced view of our institution by visiting reputable sites like:

Additionally, while these reviews do count, I encourage you to take into consideration other, validated, metrics of quality as you evaluate your college options, including:

  • Graduation Rates: Neumont retains 68% of our students from start through graduation; the national average is 57% for four-year institutions.
  • Graduate Employment: A variety of small, mid-sized and national companies like Microsoft, Nike, and IBM continue to hire Neumont graduates, each year.
  • Recognition: Neumont was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education’s 2006 Spellings Report for our unique approach and the Chronicle of Higher Education for Innovation in Program Delivery and graduate employability.

Thank you for your interest of Neumont University. We will keep you informed of our progress as we work to defend our reputation for quality.



Edward H. Levine
President, Neumont University

P.S. – I am immensely proud of Neumont faculty and staff, students, and graduates. If you would like to submit your thoughts, experiences, Neumont reviews, and perspective, we’d appreciate your voice in the matter.