Neumont College of Computer Science's Project Showcase is an excellent opportunity for Neumont students to show off what they've been working on, compete for cool prizes, and
enjoy a little friendly competition.

Students must register to participate in
Project Showcase. Students who
participate in Project Showcase
may be invited to participate in
Project Showcase Prime during our
Accepted Student Weekend.

The next Project Showcase event will
be in March 2019. 


Project Showcase is an awesome opportunity to get to know Neumont. We are focused on providing a computer science education that delivers remarkable results. You'll see student projects in action and learn more about our project-based approach to software and game development. Vote for your favorite projects and see who is named overall champion. 

Students present their projects to the Neumont community twice a year.

Neumont students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends, family, employers, and future students are all invited to this event.

March 2019
Details are still being determined

Students must register to participate in Project Showcase. Registration is due the week before the event. Students who demonstrate their projects may be invited to participate in Project Showcase Prime during our Accepted Student Weekend. 


Rules & Eligibility:

  1. To compete in Project Showcase, students must register their project by submitting an online registration form. All projects must be submitted by the deadline. Projects will ONLY be accepted after that date at the discretion of the event organizer. The registration form will open about one month prior to the event.
  2. Project teams are limited to six individuals. If students wish to submit a project with more than six contributing members, an exemption must by granted by the Project Showcase Committee.
  3. Any winning project may only be resubmitted to a future Project Showcase if the project has undergone substantial change and improvement. 
  4. At least one member of the project team must be present at your booth during the entire event.
  5. If no one on the registered project team is able to participate in Project Showcase, you must contact the event organizer to cancel your registration at project.showcase@neumont.edu
  6. Project teams must complete set-up 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the event. 
If you have any other questions or concerns about Project Showcase, please email project.showcase@neumont.edu

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