David De Winter



Software Design Engineer in Test II



Class of 2007, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; Valedictorian
Master of Science, Computer Science

About Your Choice:

"During my senior year in high school I actually wanted to get into an Ivy League school to indulge my then passion for microbiology and biotechnology, but along came Neumont, a school which challenged the traditional four-year university by focusing on a specific field and offering a bachelor's degree in half the time that other schools would."

"With my programming experience limited to dabbling in TI-BASIC on graphing calculators and a bit of HTML and CSS, I wasn't sure it was the right fit for me, especially because the school had no graduates at that point. Eventually, I did accept the offer for two reasons: the enthusiasm and commitment to the Neumont mission that the administration and faculty showed during my conversations with them and the public backing of the university by corporate giants like IBM."

"I have never looked back."

- David De Winter, Neumont Alumnus, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

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