Tyrel Alastair Hunter



Project Coordinator


Bosch Security Systems


Detroit, Michigan


Class of 2012, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

About Your Choice:

"The environment at Neumont is very cool. The fact that if you mention something technical it doesn't catch people off guard is very unique to Neumont."

- Tyrel Alastair Hunter, Neumont Alumnus: Cohort 22, From Kake, Alaska


I began acquiring my expertise in software engineering at Neumont in 2008. I enjoy using both the Microsoft and Java technologies although.NET has a few features that I would like to see added to the Java technologies.

I'm also a huge Apple fan. My iPhone rules!


After graduation, I started a new job working for Bosch in their Professional Development Training Program (PDT). This is a unique experience that allows me to work in four Bosch facilities on four different projects with four different teams. Each rotation lasts six months and my final rotation will be outside of the United States. After completing the training program I will then be able to decide where in the Bosch Corporation that I fit best.


  • Game Shark Order
  • Organizer - Nerdigras, Nerdapalooza, and other Nerdi events
  • The Game Gurus (Student Order)
  • Coding Contest Club

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