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Spellings Report: Neumont Sets Innovative Standard in Higher Education
October 2006 - Neumont recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education for innovation in higher education.

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Top scholar, greg medina chooses neumont over ivy league schools 

May 2013: Greg Medina, a West Las Vegas High School senior, has decided to attend Neumont despite opportunities to attend Ivy League universities including Stanford, Yale and Harvard.

Saipan Tribune: Recognizing the Success of a Neumont Graduate

April 2013: Neumont University graduate, Armalene Cabreros is recognized by the Saipan Daily News for her success in landing a highly sought-after position with IBM.

Boston Globe: Colleges Should be Measured on Performance

September 2012: Letter to the editor of the Boston Globe from Neumont University President, Edward Levine.

Neumont University to Open New Facility

August 2012: Historic downtown building to be turned into University and housing for students.

LA Times: At Utah Technology College, Women Finding Better-Paying Jobs Than Men

August 2012: It pays to be a lady at Neumont University where the female population makes more money on average than the guys.

KSL Radio: School Says Tech Graduates Do Well, But Women are Ahead

July 2012: Neumont University turns out well paid software developers and in a surprising turn it appears that female graduates are getting slightly more job offers and higher starting salary than their male counterparts.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Colleges Deserve a Say

May 2012: In an article about the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, which influences available student aid and preserves institutional quality and integrity, Neumont is recognized as a University that exemplifies employment standards.


May 2009: Utah's Neumont University has a reputation for turning out computer whizzes. 

Parade Magazine: Needed Qualified Software Engineers

October 2009: Utah-based school is attracting some of America’s most driven students with a promise of high-paying jobs upon graduation.

Christian Science Monitor: A First Career That's Built to Last

July 2009: When the job market is terrible, it helps to be graduating from a college that stays in tune with employer's needs.

USA Today: Neumont University Experiencing Impressive Growth

April 2009: Enrollment applications have tripled at a school that turns out software developers, while traditional liberal arts colleges are worrying about losing students. Students Flocking to Utah Computer School

April 2009: Neumont University triples applications while many prestigious schools around the country are concerned about a decline in enrollments.

Deseret News: Neumont University Holds Tech Challenge for Young Adults

August 2008: Neumont hosts TechTopia Challenge featuring: Greenfoot GUI exercise, XNA, and Flash.

Senforce Case Study

September 2006: IBM case study showing IBM's involvement with Neumont University graduates.

CIO Magazine Names NEUMONT INTO TOP 100

August 2005: Neumont University recognized by CIO Magazine into the Top 100 Innovators.

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